Friday, 15 August 2014

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BENEATH THE WATERY MOON (horror suspense books)

The stunning, shocking bestseller that you won't be able to put down

“One of the most extraordinary books you’ll ever read.” Ann Abrams 

"Savagely bleak Wolf Creek-style horror, unreliably narrated by a psychologically troubled young woman. The story seems to be an allegory for bipolar disorder - the highs are too good to be true and the lows are unfathomably awful. You will be unprepared. Highly recommended, if you can handle it." Oodle 

"I read a lot of books and have to say that this is one of the best books I've read in a long time! I was hooked from the beginning and found it hard to put the book down. A truly gripping story, which at times can be shocking." Lauren 

“I couldn't put it down, there were times I wanted to.” Beth Boyd 

“Part romance - part horror, you’ll want to tell your friends about it.” Chris Child 

“A book that will hit you like a ton of bricks: shocking, romantic, disturbing, ultimately life-affirming.” David Andrews 

“A story with a huge twist which will imprint itself on your mind.” Sarah Welsh 

Annabel is a troubled young woman trying to put her life back together. She takes a trip to the Suffolk coast to clear her head and get away from her stifling mother. When she arrives in the little seaside town she discovers a series of grisly murders have taken place. 

Then a fateful meeting with Jude, a fascinating man who lives in a world of faded grandeur, takes her on a journey of self-discovery. Although Jude is supportive and kind, Annabel is not sure whether her feelings for him are reciprocated. Yet she finds some peace in his beautiful country house which shelters other damaged souls. But Jude comes under suspicion from the police, and the idyllic community is threatened. 

Can Annabel escape her past or is her destiny sealed? And why is she haunted by horrific visions when she seems on the verge of finding love and happiness? 

This is Betsy Reavley’s astonishing debut novel which will take you on a shattering journey through Annabel’s dreams and nightmares. It contains scenes some readers may find disturbing. 

Thursday, 14 August 2014


THE LONDON ROAD MYSTERIES (detective stories trilogy)
“Three great mysteries in one collection. Inspired by Sherlock Holmes, Dineen and Moreland solve three fascinating cases in early twentieth century Manchester.” Classic Mystery Fiction 


Detective James Dineen and his partner John Moreland hear a gunshot during a training exercise at the London Road police station. Running over, they find one of their colleagues is dead, with an unfired gun in his hand. It looks like a disguised murder, but with no witnesses and no motive the detectives must deploy all their skills to unpick the mystery. Soon there's another corpse, and a significant new clue. Their investigation takes them across Manchester as they go from shady pubs and opium dens to the Royal Exchange. 

A woman’s body is found floating face down in Heaton Park Boating Lake. Her throat has been cut, with flowers strewn around her. When an obvious suspect is found murdered in an even more grizzly fashion, the case becomes stranger still. Dineen and Moreland must find the killer, and the answer may just be found in a painting. Set in the Manchester of 1911, this detective story is an engaging tale of love gone wrong between rich and poor, the perils of prejudice, and a twisted murderer with a point to prove. 

Detective Dineen and his partner John Moreland investigate a break in at the Boddingtons Brewery, but it turns out that there’s a lot more going on, including criminals exploiting homeless boys. A life is at stake, and Dineen must come face-to-face again with his arch-enemy to solve the mystery. 

James Dineen is inspired by Sherlock Holmes, and tries unorthodox tactics that aren't taught in training school. He's from the same rough background as the criminals he pursues, so isn't afraid to bend the rules to solve a case. While John Moreland is a church-going family man, who plays by the book. 

THE LONDON ROAD MYSTERIES will appeal to all fans of early 20th century detective fiction. Look out for further adventures on Amazon soon.

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 SNOWBOUND WITH A STRANGER free kindle romance novel
“I read well into the night to find out if Megan would end up with Jamie, after they are snowed in together in beautiful Scotland. Curl up with this great book in front of a nice log fire!” Ann Devon
“Well written and a great read, this is a compelling romance novel.” Beth Boyd, bestselling author of Love
“A delightful winter romance that will warm your heart on a cold night. Made me wish I was snowed in with a cute guy.” Sarah Williams
A brilliant romance novel with a wonderful winter setting, which you won’t be able to put down
Far from spending a cosy Christmas with her highflying boyfriend the arrogant Douglas, aspiring actress Megan finds herself snowbound in a cottage in the beautiful but frozen Highlands of Scotland. Prepared to wait until the snow melts, Megan is surprised by a knock on the door by the handsome Jamie, also stranded in the snowy wilderness. With little in the way of Christmas treats to share between them, they survive and prosper with Jamie's wit and Megan's creativity. But come the melting of the ice and a return to the real world, will they find a way to continue the fun they shared in each other's company?
Also available on Amazon by bestselling author Patricia Keyson: THE MAGIC TOUCH, HOLIDAY ROMANCE, and SUZI LEARNS TO LOVE AGAIN.

Wednesday, 13 August 2014

FREE family and romance short stories for Kindle

NEW SHOES and other SHORT STORIES collection
"Lovely short stories collection. Warm, funny, and well observed." Beth Boyd 

A short story collection that you won’t be able to put down 

Gayle’s dad has a new girlfriend who Gayle blames for her mum leaving. But what’s the real reason her mum moved out? ‘The Penny Dropped’ is a beautifully observed and warm story with great characters. 

In ‘New Shoes,’ Angela’s mum has bought her a beautiful pair of cream patent leather shoes for her sister’s wedding. The only catch is that Angela is not allowed to wear them before the big day. The wait is agony so Angela takes matters into her own hands with disastrous results. 

This collection includes nine tales which show family life in all its messy reality of love, humour, and misunderstandings. 

Janis McBride is best-selling author of cosy romantic suspense novel ‘Seduction and Mashed Potato’ available now on kindle: 

Monday, 11 August 2014


Love by Beth Boyd

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LOVE (romance novel)

“ ***** The most romantic book you will read this year. I couldn’t put my kindle down until I found out whether Karen and Adam would find happiness and true love.” Ann Stephens

"I could not put it down and definitely suggest it to everyone! A true captivating page turner!" Michele Brasher

"This was a lovely, easy, couldn't put it down read. Really enjoyed it"

"This is a very well-written, funny, romantic novel. Karen, the main character, is very believable and realistic." W.B

LOVE is a charming, funny and romantic novel which you won't be able to put down

The achingly romantic story of Karen’s search for independence AND love. Karen meets Adam when she goes to look after her grandmother’s adorable dog and beautiful Cornish seaside cottage. Adam is Karen’s childhood sweetheart now fully grown into a dashing but inscrutable travel writer. Their love seems to be written in the stars, but events and a pushy estate-agent called Nick come between them. Will they end up together, and will Karen work out whether she can pursue her artistic dreams and succeed in love?

Beautifully written and evocative, this full length novel will delight you with its wonderful romance, humour, and stunning setting.