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“Heart-stoppingly tense, this is a brilliant page-turning thriller.” Chris Child

“Gripping and beautifully written, with sharp dialogue and a real feel for the desert landscape. I couldn’t stop reading it.” Beth Boyd

“A remarkable debut novel, the couple are realistic, and the killer dark, dangerous, and sometimes very funny.” Ann Abrams

"An intelligent thriller as unstoppable and exacting as its villain, with heroes who are human and engaging. Riveting." T.J. Brearton (best-selling author of Habit)

A thriller that you won’t be able to put down
James and Elle Eversman are a young couple travelling through the Mojave desert on their way to a new life. When their car mysteriously breaks down they are stranded in the middle of nowhere without much water and no cell-phone reception.

A mile away a deadly sniper has them in his cross-hairs. They are pinned down behind their broken-down car, surrounded by open ground in all directions. There’s nowhere to run and no one to help them. How can they possibly survive?

With relentless tension, razor-sharp prose, and a surprising dose of dark humor, EYESHOT will keep you gripped till its stunning conclusion. 



A brilliant free kindle thriller HABIT by T. J. Brearton

150 five ***** reviews in the US alone!

HABIT (crime thriller books)
“A great detective mystery: realistic, well-written, and with such dramatic tension that I was up all night racing to reach the conclusion.” Chris Child 

“Detective Brendan Healy solves a complex case, facing his own demons, in a brilliant police procedural with a dark conspiracy in the background.” Sarah Victor 

“Complex, beautifully drawn characters, twists and turns, great atmosphere, a real page turner.” Beth Boyd 

A brilliant mystery that you won't be able to put down 
A young woman, Rebecca Heilshorn, lies stabbed to death in her bed in a remote, upstate New York farmhouse. Rookie detective Brendan Healy is called in to investigate. All hell breaks loose when her brother bursts onto the scene. Rebecca turns out to have many secrets and connections to a sordid network mixing power, wealth, and sex. 

Detective Brendan Healy, trying to put his demons behind him, pursues a dangerous investigation that will risk both his life and his sanity. 

Habit is a compelling mystery which will appeal to all fans of crime fiction. T.J. Brearton amps up the tension at every step, until the shocking and gripping conclusion. 




FREE NOW “Five Stars out of Five. It’s truly a page-turner. A sexy thriller which will keep you reading to find out its secrets.”

MOBIUS (crime thriller books)

“Five Stars out of Five. It’s truly a page-turner. A sexy thriller which will keep you reading to find out its secrets.” J.E 

"Can Katherine unmask the sinister society which is killing men and women in sadistic sex games?" 

“Brilliant, shocking, a thrilling mystery which will make you question everything.” 

What is the Mobius Society? They seem to stop at nothing, including murder, torture, and lies, to control the destiny of humankind. 

A dark, sexy, mind-blowing mystery, a journey into the most perverse reaches of human behaviour 
Beautiful young Londoner, Katherine Markham, goes to wild, dangerous parties in the name of research. She has drifted away from her Oxford studies and takes part in orgies where the rich, beautiful, and bored play in perverse decadence. One night in Mayfair she meets newbie Nick, a marketing executive trying to escape his dull job and sex life. After a brief encounter in the pool, they are witness to a sadistic ritual in which a young woman is murdered. 

The next day Katherine finds a mysterious tattoo on her stomach. It is the first of a series of strange events leading her on a journey to uncover a terrifying conspiracy. 

ANN ABRAMS is the author of #1 Amazon best seller "An A to Z of Pregnancy" another instalment in Katherine Markham’s adventures: 

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a mystery thriller for kindle

PRETTY GIRLS MAKE GRAVES (crime thriller books)
“An exciting thriller with the authentic gritty flavour of London’s underworld.” Ann Abrams 

“A great read which has Lishman up against sinister forces trying to frame him for the murder of a pretty young Polish woman.” Chris Child 

“A true page turner with a dark conspiracy at its heart. If you like the Girl with a Dragon Tattoo books you’ll love this.” Norman Andrews 

“Intelligent and atmospheric, with a gripping plot and complex believable characters.” Clare Brenton 

A thrilling mystery novel which will have you up all night following its twists and turns 
On a wild night out Lishman seduces the beautiful Natasha Rok. Three days later, news of Natasha’s murder is splashed all over the newspapers and Lishman is the prime suspect. Lishman, unable to remember much about the drunken night of passion, makes a snap decision to run. He becomes a fugitive hiding out on the backstreets of London, hunted through underground tunnels and canal networks. With the help of Dani, an edgy female photographer friend, he ventures into the murky world of East End gangs and conspiracy theories to unravel the mystery behind Natasha’s death and try to save himself. 

PRETTY GIRLS MAKE GRAVES is a gripping thriller by the talented new writer John Yorvik. 

'Pretty Girls Make Graves' is the first part of the Camden Noir trilogy. Book 2 will be available in late 2014. Follow John Yorvik on twitter @FrontLip for latest news. 

Thursday 4 September 2014

Free Kindle Poetry 5 to 9 September

"These poems are great. They are razor sharp, beautiful, funny, and sometimes sad, but always with an edge. Will bring back a lot of your own experiences." Ann Abrams 

A collection of poems that will make you laugh, wince in recognition, or shed a tear 
Betsy Reavley’s debut collection of poems encompasses everything from getting drunk with a handsome Latin barman to the beauty of flower petals in her garden. Experiences you will recognize are brought to life with earthy and evocative language on subjects which range from first love to bad sex. This is a poetry book that will delight and surprise you. 

Betsy Reavley is the author of the critically acclaimed best-seller BENEATH THE WATERY MOON, an astonishing and harrowing novel with a huge twist. Available on Amazon now: 

FREE kindle romance from 5 to 9 september

CHERRY BLOSSOMS (romance books)
“I loved this delightful spring romance novel.” Carol Huntingdon 

“A romance book set in a charming riverside hotel, with very believable characters.” Beth Boyd, bestselling author of Love 

“Can Cherry sort out her feelings for hotel owner Oliver and find a great place to live with her son?” Michelle Bright 

A wonderful romance novel with a spring setting, which you won’t be able to put down 
Single mum Cherry’s life is a bit of a disaster: her job and her home are under threat, and she needs a stable place for her son to live. She’s living secretly in the hotel where she works, and now she’s falling in love with the new owner, Oliver. Meanwhile, his charming brother Darius is flirtatious and a lot easier to get to know. Can Cherry solve her problems and find new love this spring? 

Also available on Amazon by bestselling author Patricia Keyson: ‘Snowbound With a Stranger’, ‘The Magic Touch’, ‘Holiday Romance’, and ‘Suzi Learns To Love Again.’ 

free detective book 5 to 9 September

THE BREWERY TAP MYSTERY(detective mysteries) (The London Road Mysteries Book 3)

Product Description

"Dineen and Moreland return to solve another fiendish period mystery.” David Merit 

"Great for Sherlock Holmes fans. Peter Keeley brings Manchester in 1911 to vivid life." Steve Moore 

“Twists and turns make this a gripping detective story.” Ann Abrams 

A Brilliant Period Detective Mystery 
Detective James Dineen and his partner John Moreland investigate a break in at the Boddingtons Brewery, but it turns out that there’s a lot more going on, including criminals exploiting homeless boys. A life is at stake, and Dineen must come face-to-face again with his arch-enemy to solve the mystery. 

James Dineen is inspired by Sherlock Holmes, and tries unorthodox tactics that aren't taught in training school. He's from the same rough background as the criminals he pursues, so isn't afraid to bend the rules to solve a case. While John Moreland is a church-going family man, who plays by the book. 

THE BREWERY TAP MYSTERY is the third of Peter Keeley's London Road mysteries. It will appeal to all fans of early 20th century detective fiction. Look out for further adventures on Amazon soon. 

Book One of The London Road Mysteries: THE STRANGE CASE OF ALBERT MITCHELL is available now: 

Book Two: THE HEATON PARK MURDER is also available 

free kindle book

Free kindle fiction from 5 to 9 September

WATER (a darkly funny novel romance)
'A page turner.’ -- Matthew Collings 

"A great read, romantic, and a little tragic, I wanted to know how it all turned out ... The story is very funny and well written." Book Devourer 

"A pacey and satisfying story punctuated by amusing and at times meaningful reflections about love, life and art." Swiss 

"Dark humour, a self-conscious young artist falling in and out of love with disastrous consequences." Chris Child 

'I love this book because it is so true . . . But the book is also funny. It is written in a breathless, bitty style which reminds me of Dunthorne's Submarine. The main character is egotistical but somehow you love him because he tries so hard to please others' Paloma 

'A sort of absurdist, amoral fable ... There is something exquisitely tragic about Water's life, a repetitive parade of posh restaurants, press views and disinterested flings. Ultimately, he's a tad boring - not something you could say about the novel he stars in.' Richard Godwin, Literary Review 

“Hilarious reading ... it's hard not to like him.” 

Can success buy happiness or is love more important? 

Find out in this quirky funny novel written and illustrated by the acclaimed artist Jasper Joffe. 

Meet Nathaniel Water 
A young artist with a complicated love life and a character you won’t forget once you’ve got to know him. While his career is taking off, his love life descends into an ever-deepening mess. First he proposes marriage to his beautiful Slovak girlfriend, Jelena, with whom he fights constantly. But they split up almost as soon as they’re engaged. He then meets Harriet, Jelena's opposite, and marries her instead. But that’s not the end of it. Both women become pregnant at different stages, he leaves each of them at least once, and deserts both when they most need him. This wryly comic novel reveals the dangers of celebrity, and some complicated problems you'll enjoy seeing Nathaniel Water try to work out. 

"I was telling a friend about this book, that the theme was that even though you love someone you can still mess it all up. And she started crying. So I think it must be a good story, or maybe she was just thinking about something else." WATER by Jasper Joffe