Tuesday 15 July 2014


LOVE AT WAR by Patricia Keyson a first world war romance novel SAVE £2.99



LOVE AT WAR (historical romance)

“I couldn't put it down. A great romance read set during World War I.” Beth Boyd

“A stunning historical romance with some great characters and real twists and turns. I didn't see some of them coming!” Ann Abrams

“A lovely wartime romance novel which I found really absorbing.” Sarah Moore

A historical romance novel you won’t be able to put down
Lady Hope Beaumont tries to rekindle the magic in her marriage with a trip to Paris. But when she returns she must investigate a mystery that threatens her husband’s business. Hope’s headstrong daughter Ophelia is tested by both tragedy and war, and will need all her courage to come through. Find out how this family copes with the momentous times in this gripping historical romance novel.

LOVE AT WAR is the stunning sequel to Patricia Keyson’s best-selling romance “The Magic Touch” also available on Amazon.

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