Thursday 9 July 2015

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Sexy, scandalous, addictive summer reading set on a tropical island. Everyone says Sven is wrong for her, but Sunny O'Hara doesn't care. Discover a new romance writer FREE today!

Sexy, scandalous, addictive summer reading set on a tropical island

“Wow, this is great reading, you keep turning the pages and just reading that bit more. Move over Jilly Cooper, this is the hottest new romance series I’ve read in ages.” Beth Boyd 

Everyone says he's wrong for her, but she doesn't care 
Sunny O’Hara young, pretty, and terribly innocent returns to her childhood home of St. Barts, an idyllic island in the West Indies. She meets Sven Larson, a movie star with a bad reputation for breaking women’s hearts. She falls in love with him and begins a journey of emotional and physical discovery. But has Sven really changed? Can a good woman redeem a very bad boy? 

This is the first book in the St. Barts Romance series by Emme Cross. Set on the island of St. Barts, eight square miles of gourmet restaurants, designer shops, yachts . . . and secrets. 

You’ll love this sexy summer beach-reading romance series, with many more books to come, dive in and get the first novel now. Perfect for fans of Jackie Collins, Jilly Cooper, and even E. L. James 

Books 2 of the romance series "LESSONS ON ST. BARTS" is available now. A vicious stalker threatens Sunny's life. 


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