Monday, 2 March 2015

FREE CLASSIC NOVEL for Kindle ebook

OVER 250,000 copies sold! A timeless and touching coming of age classic 
“The astonishing first novel about a runaway kid in Alaska” 

“By Kerouac out of Salinger . . . The pioneer of a new post-Beatnik generation.” New York Herald Tribune 

“Rowdy, wild and bawdy. Barry is as engaging as Holden Caulfield and as believable.” Book of the Month Club 

“What a discovery! Lee Olds writes brilliantly, his empathy for his characters is much like Steinbeck, but the voice he gives them is closer to Salinger.” Chris Child 

Discover TOO MUCH SUN, the 60s best-selling classic by Lee Olds, the beautifully written tale of Barry Douglas who runs away from his stifling home and rich parents to live by his own means in the freedom and beauty of the wild frontier of Alaska. Barry gets a tough job cutting brush at a remote mining camp and finds release from the gruelling labor with sex, cold beer, and jazz. In the local town he meets Mary, a half Eskimo prostitute with whom he discovers both love and tragedy. This is the unputdownable novel of a young man coming to terms with himself and his world. A great read which will delight and surprise you. 

Lee Olds is a pioneer of post-Beatnik writing whose provocative novels are finally being released for a new generation of readers. His other books - the terse psychological novella Clara, the dark novel The Bilge, and the gripping novel The Return - are also published by Not So Noble Books.

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