Tuesday 31 March 2015



JUST DESSERTS a kindle romance book by Emma Bennet


JUST DESSERTS: a romance novella you won't want to put down

Leah is falling for handsome French chef Jean-Claude. But she’s meant to be getting married to Dan in a few weeks!

“A really good read, kept me entertained for a delicious afternoon.” Ann Abrams

“Great fun. I enjoyed Leah’s choice between a sexy Frenchman and her fiancĂ©.” Chris Child

A lovely romance novella that you won’t want to put down
Leah is about to give up her job at a top restaurant to marry her fiancĂ© Dan. Then Jean-Claude, a charming French chef, comes to work at the restaurant, and suddenly Leah’s world is turned upside down.

Does Jean-Claude offer a more exciting future than dependable Dan? And does Jean-Claude even really like her?
Find out in this gripping romance novella.

Emma Bennet is the author of the full-length romance novels “His Secret Daughter,” an Amazon top-50 bestseller, and “The Green Hills of Home.” Both are available now! 

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