Friday 27 March 2015


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THE INFINITY TATTOO: a gripping suspense thriller with romance and mystery

An exciting international suspense thriller with romance and adventure

“A great read: it’s got action, romance, and danger.” Beth Boyd 

“I couldn't put this down. Fans of Lisa Gardner or Sandra Brown will enjoy ‘The Infinity Tattoo’.” Sarah Yorke

"A gripping thriller. Great heat between Meg and the mystery man, and interesting locations like Honduras." Chris Child 

A suspense thriller you won’t want to put down 
Meg Goodwin’s best friend Alex disappeared when they were reporting the unrest in Honduras. But Meg thinks her dangerous life as a journalist is behind her when she settles back in Arizona. Then a mysterious bleeding man turns up in her barn, and her life will never be the same again. 

In this absorbing thriller, Meg must face not only drug cartels and corrupt politicians, but also an international cover-up. And if she survives, and solves the mystery of her lost friend, can she also find love? 

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